Are you sponsoring someone from abroad to come to the UK and need a sponsorship declaration?
Wright Justice can help.

If you want to sponsor someone from abroad to visit you in the UK, you will need to make a Sponsorship Declaration for your visitor. Through a sponsorship statement, you show the immigration authorities your willingness and ability to support your visitor during their visit to the UK. This declaration can be deemed as one of the most important documents your visitor submits with their application. Contact us and we will prepare the Sponsorship Declaration for you.

Have you changed your name recently and do you need to make a change of name deed?
Wright Justice can help. We are experts at helping you when you need to change your name.

As an adult, you can change your name to anything you wish to, as long as you are not using your name to defraud someone. However, organizations may need some evidence of your change of name. Our team can prepare a Deed Poll on your behalf. If you want to change the name of a child, our team can do the work for you. Please book an appointment to discuss your matter.

Do you want to write a statutory declaration? Wright Justice can help.

A Statutory Declaration is a written statement of facts that is signed in the presence of a Solicitor, a Notary of the Public, a Justice of the Peace, or a Commissioner of Oaths. This is a solemn affirmation in written format. If you need to make a Statutory Declaration, Wright Justice Solicitors is the right place to come.

Do you want to make a Power of Attorney? Wright Justice can help.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which authorizes one or more people to handle your financial affairs and/or make decisions about your personal welfare. There might be several reasons why you may need someone to make decisions for you or act on your behalf, for example, when someone is not able to make decisions about their estate, or because of their vulnerable state of mind or physical condition. In some cases, the estate holder is based in another country as compared to the estate. You should choose individuals who you grant the Power of Attorney to, carefully and choose someone who is competent and whom you trust completely, as he/she will be given the authority to act in your best interests all the time. Our team can assist you and provide you with the best advice on the most appropriate form of Power of Attorney for you. We provide a cost-effective service for you.

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